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Police Use Ketamine During Arrests

The Associated Press reports across the nation, individuals deemed “out of control” during an arrest may be injected with the drug Ketamine by a paramedic at the behest of a police officer. Ketamine may have played a role in several deaths in a police setting over the past several years. Further, the AP analysis shows “cases where the drug was used during police encounters uncovered a lack of police training, conflicting medical standards and nonexistent protocols that have resulted in hospitalizations and even deaths.” Ketamine was originally developed in 1962 as a human anesthetic. It is often used by veterinarians and can only be prescribed and administrated under the direct supervision of a doctor. Ketamine does have drug interactions, and can affect blood pressure, eye pressure, and intracranial pressure. Do you know if your local police department uses Ketamine during arrests?

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  1. Kitty Cleary Kitty Cleary August 30, 2020

    Isn’t Ketamine currently being used to treat depression?

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