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About Us

What is Bright Line Publishing

Bright Line Publishing (BLP) is a platform for writers, storytellers and artists to easily share original content. We seek to partner with professional and non-professional creators to help bring innovative and thought-provoking works before larger audiences. Our goals are to raise the level of discourse, inspire informed thinking and highlight diversity of perspective.

Our Mission

We believe that understanding and compassion are built through shared experiences and exposure to new perspectives. We provide the infrastructure and encouragement to help people share and communicate through creativity, wisdom, and virtue

Our Vision

  • We envision a future where voices of reason, empathy and integrity are valued and help guide society in confronting our challenges and planning our future.
  • We seek to lower the rhetoric of division and misinformation.
  • We believe humanity is at its best when we pursue our highest aspirations through informed ideas, rational passion and understanding.
  • We believe that an equitable and sustainable future is possible for all people. We recognize that it is within our grasp to achieve our goals.
  • BLP is dedicated to promoting content that can help lead society toward a more enlightened, ethical and just tomorrow.