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About Us

What is Bright Line Publishing

Bright Line Publishing (BLP) is a platform for writers, storytellers and artists to easily share original content. We partner with professional and non-professional creators to help bring innovative and thought-provoking works before larger audiences. Our goal is to raise the level of discourse, inspire informed thinking and highlight the diversity of experience, knowledge and talent found in 21st century America.


BLP was established to expand the multitude of voices that represent the experiences of life. We recognize that there is a wealth of wisdom and virtue in the world and that many of those voices are drowned out by traditional sources of news and entertainment. BLP is a forum for intelligent and stimulating discourse that encompasses the views of a broad cross-section of society. We seek out content that captures candid, creative and insightful aspects of human thought and ambition.

Our mission is to raise the level of public dialog by providing content that:

  1. Is interesting and thought-provoking
  2. Offers conscientious and truthful commentary
  3. Is well researched and documented
  4. Represents diversity of opinion and experience
  5. Strives to put forth concepts that enlightened or entertain
  6. Inspires thoughtful reflection

BLP seeks to elevate voices of considered dialogue and lower the rhetoric of division and misinformation. We employ an editorial review process to promote integrity in journalistic and editorial content. We champion diversity in works of literature, art, fiction, opinion and entertainment.

We believe America is at its best when we pursue our highest aspirations through informed ideas, passion and understanding. BLP pursues its mission by seeking out and promoting content that can help lead our society toward a more enlightened and inclusive tomorrow.