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BLP relies primarily on member contributions to support operating expenses. Like many startups, we are small and underfunded. We started BLP because we passionately believe that an informed population is crucial to our long-term prosperity, happiness, freedom and even our very survival. 

BLP was started through self-funding in hopes of taking it as far as we can. For longer-term expenses, we embraced a member contribution model for two reasons.

  1. By relying on member contributions we will receive ongoing, measurable feedback that our mission goals and content align with the interests of the public (our primary constituency).  
  2. Member contributions are more likely to be associated with overall site satisfaction. Revenue raised through advertising within specific stories is more sensitive to the content of the story. Advertising dollars have the potential to influence and alter the nature of our content.

Our top commitment is to site members. We are committed to seeking out informed, thought-provoking and engaging content that embodies the broad mosaic of views found in 21st century America. We pursue our objectives by offering a diverse, moderated and respectful platform of expression. We seek to diminish the uninformed, knee-jerk reactions that are prevalent in too many of our digital interactions today and encourage more measured discourse on topics that interest and inform society.

Revenue earned through the support of our members will be used to sustain site services and create paying jobs. Contributions in excess of those required to maintain operations will be allocated towards expanding site services and providing revenue opportunities for content providers. When funding permits us to expand site services,  our goal is to make those features available to members for free or at deeply discounted prices. Additional revenue will be used to provide a source of income and security to content providers. In other words, your contributions can directly provide a job for someone! 

We commit to keeping members informed about how your contributions are being spent. We will provide quarterly expense reports to contributing members. BLP organizes expenses under two high-level categories; those that are required to maintain and promote site content and expenses that are optional. Optional expenses are related to projects that will help grow the site, produce new sources of revenue and provide expanded services to members.

On the date of launch, the following represents the type and level of monthly expense and revenue. 

Required Expenses(Current expenses)

Server Hosting $$$$
Load Balancing $$
Content Delivery Network $$$
Performance Monitoring $$$
Video Hosting $$
Site Security $$
Software Licensing $$$ Domain Name(s) $
Site Marketing $$$$$

Planned Site Expansion Expenses

Classified system $$$
Payments to content providers $$$$$
Obituaries $
Podcasts $$$
Announcements $
Youth Voices $
Member feedback $$

Bright Line Publishing operates as a for-profit enterprise. We are not a non-profit organization nor do we hold 501(c)(3) status.