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Our challenge and commitment

BLP is committed to supporting thoughtful, creative and respectful commentary on a wide range of topics. We seek diversity of opinion and life experience from guest and established content providers. We welcome professional and non-professional writers to help us provide content that encompasses the perspectives of a socially diverse informed society. Our mission is to inspire courteous and insightful reflection on the myriad topics that enliven our collective hopes and aspirations and define the realities of our time.

We recognize that open and free expression is the basis of liberty, innovation and democracy. We strongly affirm that free speech is vital to problem-solving, progress, and understanding.

We also recognize that mass media, technology and corruption can be combined to do great harm to a free and informed society. The distribution of misinformation, speech designed to divide, racism, xenophobia and greed can all be antithetical to democratic principles and the universal pursuit of happiness.

The name “Bright Line” refers to the endeavor of separating fact from opinion. It’s a name that represents a commitment to maintaining a clear distinction between what is known and what is belief. Opinions are most valuable and persuasive when their origins are clearly defined through facts and experience.

BLP seeks to promote freedom of expression while lowering the divisiveness and baseless rhetoric that has captured far too much of our public discourse. To that end, we employ an editorial review process to promote integrity in journalistic and editorial content. We will publish material on virtually any topic as long as it helps enlighten or broaden perspectives in ways that can advance society in a positive direction. All material posted on BLP is at the sole discretion of the editorial review board.

Our goals are lofty and require a delicate balance to successfully implement. Our challenge requires thoughtful consideration and judgment and we know we may not always get it right. BLP is committed to correcting errors and refining our processes to uphold our high ideals. We accept feedback and invite you to help us bring about a more enlightened and inclusive world.