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What we provide

BLP curates content that informs, entertains and inspires thoughtful deliberation. We specialize in supporting interesting, though-provoking works in the following forms

  • Journalism
  • Editorials
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Fiction
  • Entertainment
  • Opinion

We provide a platform for professional and non-professional creators  to present content through written word, audio narration, video and imagery.

We invest in advertising across a variety of platforms to help bring the largest possible audience to your content.

We provide avenues for member feedback to help us understand how content is interpreted and perceived.  We monitor visitor traffic to help us recognize the type of content that is popular.

We operate state of the art servers and constantly monitor site traffic to ensure your content is available to visitors 24 x 7. As site traffic grows, our infrastructure will scale to make sure it keeps up with demand.

We offer an easy process for those wishing to have their work published on BLP. We handle all the technical details of content publishing and formatting.

All publishing services are free of charge to content providers.